An interview with our budding Youth DanceSport instructors!

As we turn the pages into 2018, we take a quick look back at our most recent highlight.  About two months ago, we ran the first Youth Got To Move: Ballroom Edition, proudly supported by the National Arts Council Singapore. The Standard and Latin ballroom workshop was a success with much attributed to our poised standard youth instructors, Jovan Tan and Yang JiaMin as well as sizzling duo, Kavin Rathna and Lindsey Lum.

Not too long after, both budding youth couples did Singapore proud by making the finals of the Singapore Open Dance Championships 2017 in their respective Amateur Open Standard and Amateur Closed Asia-Pacific Latin events. An annual international dancesport championship held by John & Josephine Dance Creative. Quite possibly the feat as the event is graced by acclaimed names including Damir Haluzan & Anna Mashchyts (Slovenia), Darren Hammond & Milla Lykke Nielsen (South Africa), Davide Camera & Doriana Guzzo (Italy) and Xie Cong Xian & Luo Yu Ting (Hong Kong, China).

To top that off, the event also featured a star-studded line-up of show dance performances by Blackpool 2017 Standard and Latin Champions, Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyova and Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko. Not to forget Damir Haluzan & Anna Mashchyts (Slovenia) who presented their very distinct interpretations of Latin show dances and Eldar Dzhafarov & Anna Sazina (Azerbaijan) who shared a very original show dance piece written, composed and choreographed together with Eldar’s sister. To top it off, the final evening also featured a Pro-Am show that is quite possibly the first of its kind on our shores by seven couples to mark their 7th championship. Making this event quite a historic one in Singapore!

Once again, our heartiest congratulations to Jovan, JiaMin, Kavin and Lindsey! 

Results of the SODC 2017 can be found at: Saturday ( and Sunday (

Kavin and Lindsey, finalists in the
SODC 2017 – Amateur Closed Asia-Pacific Latin

Jovan and JiaMin making the finals of the
SODC 2017 –  Amateur Open Standard!

Photo courtesy to Kerrie Rolls Bourke

Catch the heart pumping action here: Kavin and Lindsey, Jovan and JiaMin or at SODC’s own video channel!

Getting back to our couples, we managed to catch-up with them to find out their thoughts on the workshop as well as the ballroom scene in Singapore.

1. Why should Singaporeans (and the general public) try Dancesport?
Jovan: To exercise! And it’s also a great way to socialise during parties and dinner and dance events. Most of all just to take a break from “the world” and have fun!

JiaMin: Yes, it’s a fun and engaging way to stay happy and healthy.


Lindsey and Kavin: It acts as a great form of exercise and it’s an activity that you can do from a very young age till a ripe old age. It works your entire body from your brain to your muscle coordination and is also a cardiovascular form of exercise. It (dance) has proven to prevent dementia, increase flexibility and strengthen your bones.


2. What are your greatest takeaways from ballroom dancing thus far?
Jovan: It gave me career options and taught me how to treat a lady right 😉

JiaMin: Indeed, positive communication, connection and respect are important for a successful partnership.


Lindsey: It teaches the boys how to be a gentlemen HAHAHAH

Lindsey and Kavin: It teaches you resilience and teamwork! It has taught me how to manage my time and to work smart and productively. It’s not purely about hard work. No use working hard if you are working the wrong way.


3. How was your experience teaching a class of students with varying background?
JiaMin: It was exciting, I’ve so much to share with the ballroom community. Everyone was very patient and cooperative during the workshop, which made things a lot easier for us.

Jovan: Yeah, it was really fun! Being able to work with different people was a great experience, it taught me new styles and ways to teach them (for the Youth Got to Move class). Through that, I also learnt how to communicate and give instructions on steps that were slightly more challenging.


Lindsey and Kavin: It’s always fun to teach a class of students from different levels and backgrounds. It’s fun to see how dancers from different genres and age groups interpret Latin ballroom dancing. Everyone brings something different to the dance floor and that’s what makes teaching fun and interesting for us.


4. What would your advice for dancing be to these new and budding dancers?
JiaMin: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! We all learn along the way, just laugh it off and get back to it.

Jovan: I would say, to have fun! And not to give up dancing so easily even though it might be boring/difficult at the start. It will reward you in the future.


Lindsey and Kavin: If you love it, keep doing it! Most importantly have fun and do not lose the joy and passion for dancing!
5. What do you hope to see in the local ballroom scene itself?
Jovan: Everyone working together to help promote and enhance the dancing world. Every dancer should also be treated fairly without bias.

JiaMin: I hope we can build a space where we can do formation ballroom dance, which has yet to develop in Singapore.


Lindsey and Kavin: We hope to see many more new competitors joining us on the dance floor and on the international stage! It’s always nice to see familiar Singaporean faces at overseas competitions 🙂


There you have it! So as a start, we do hope you do have dancing on your new year resolution for 2018!

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