Nicholas Yue and Lindsey Lum – Singapore’s Latin Ballroom Pride at Blackpool 2019

Blackpool, is still the best place to dance on earth!

Back from their first blackpool competition as a dance couple, Nicholas and Lindsey have much to share on this whirlwind of an experience.

1. What was the entire experience like?

Lindsey: Very chill, I would say, super chill, in contrast to my last Blackpool experience in 2017, which was actually super stressful.

This year’s was chilled because the “heat” is actually on Nic (Nicholas). For me, every dance and every round was just chilled, I sat down, enjoyed the whole experience and watched other couples compete before warming up for the next round.

We thought it might have been the sufficient preparation we’ve had from the Bonn dance camp by Ralf Lephene and the one week intensive we had with Karla in Melbourne. We spent an entire week in Bonn dancing to the classical Blackpool music with Professional and Amateur couples from all around the world. We thought that that really helped us to prepare for the Blackpool Festival.

Blackpool, is still the best place to dance on earth! The place, the audience, the atmosphere and the judges, everything! That’s what we aim for and want to help build in Singapore. We want to create a supportive culture.

Nicholas: Especially the good energy from the competitors and the audience!

Lindsey: Yes, that’s definitely an area that perhaps Singaporean competitors and supporters can work on creating.

2. For Nicholas, we understand that it’s the first time?

Nicholas: Not the first time to be exact, but the first time on the competition floor. Certainly, an interesting mix of culture and overall performance. Like, there’s this interesting couple that changes their outfit every round. Comparing it with competitions like those in Hong Kong, Japan and Australia, Blackpool is definitely in its own league.

3. For Lindsey, we understand that it was a returning experience, will you be returning with more of your own students soon?

Lindsey: it ultimately depends on our students’ goals and commitment, perhaps not at the moment, but perhaps in the near future. For now, the focus is still on our dancing and ourselves.

4. Overall, what do you think of your performance this year?

Lindsey: Well, we both went in with no expectations this year, in fact, our first competition together was just six months ago. And honestly, who would have thought that Nicholas’ first competition on the Blackpool dancefloor would be in the Latin category?!

We were pleasantly surprised, even our coaches think we’ve done well for the amount of time.

Prior to the competition, we’ve been on our own quite a bit but, we try our best to work around it. We plan to meet our coaches as often as we can but it takes a fair balance of self-disciple and communication and teamwork as a team with our coaches to get input both physically and over social media.

Nicholas: The lessons were also very strategic, our coaches gives us a plan for a month and we just focus on that for the month. This helped us to conquer the challenges of time and space and the problem of not always having our coach in town. There’s a lot self-discipline and initiative required, in contrast to having someone holding your hands and spoon feeding you. You have to do rounds without someone telling you to do rounds.

“You need time for things to fall into place. Changes don’t just happen overnight.”

Lindsey: But also, it’s important to be patient with oneself because, “You need time for things to fall into place. Changes don’t just happen overnight.”

5. Who would you credit your success this time to?

Both: Our teachers Karla and Andrey. Really, they are both like mothers to us (loving and motherly but also strict at times). Also, to the other people who teach and guide us, Ralf Lephene. Our parents, for their financial support.

6. How did you guys celebrate your efforts?

Lindsey: We went to Bicester Village, just outside London, to do some shopping and eat. And of course, we went to the universities at Warwick and Birmingham to share our love for dance with them.

7. So, what’s next for the both of you?

Lindsey: No, we’re not moving to Australia, as much as many have speculated since we’ve been there a lot.

In fact, we’re going to try to do a lot more for Singapore.

“We have something coming up for Singapore, something exciting, which we will greatly appreciate everyone’s support”.

The first project will be out in July.

The goal is to build a culture and a platform for dancers to keep going. We want to build a much more supportive community and environment radiating with positive energy! Initiatives such as masterclasses to help fellow dancers, and guest classes by our international friends as well! To really do our part for the community.

8. Lastly, any word of advice for our budding dancers?

Lindsey: If you feel like you’re going nowhere, you should change something that you’re doing


Nicholas: For the ten dancers, don’t fear the unknown, it’s not impossible, just be patient, give it time, personally, I felt it was more of a struggle, to change from Standard to Latin.


Masterclasses by Nicholas and Lindsey

Thinking of further your dance? Well, lookout for the masterclasses by Nicholas and Lindsey coming your way!

Here’s a special insight on what dance camps did for Nicholas and Lindsey.

Nicholas and Lindsey:

  • Dance camps helped us to improve on our focus, for example, through a singular topic: e.g. Energy
  • The coached practices and atmosphere just by dancing with everyone and having them cheer for you and all, it made a big difference.
  • Interestingly, we were also told that we improved just by watching others dance. We were lucky to have really good people throughout the camp, especially their energy and attitude. The power of just watching others dance strongly impacted us.
  • In contrast to popular belief, one would believe that we can only improve through technique classes. However sometimes just being in a conducive environment and practicing with the right people can help one improve


Date: 28 July (Sunday)
Time 2pm-4pm
Price: $20 for 2 hours
Venue: S&A StandardLatin
(Blk 261 Waterloo St #03-29 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261)

To register, please contact Lindsey at 9138 4003 or Nick at 9745 3285!

Hello everyone! Our first open tech class will be happening on the 28th July, Sunday from 2pm-4pm.
During the class, we will be covering 2 different topics which we believe to be relevant to competitors regardless of level.
As dancers ourselves, we understand the financial burden of dance classes. Thus, the objective of the open tech class is to provide an affordable opportunity for everyone to learn and improve without having to break the bank! Hope to see everyone there! ❤️

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