“Hip” Workshops for a Cause

Lindsey begins their most “hip” class ever! 

You’d think most instructors only conducted dance classes just for profit. But in fact, there are many out there who wish to impart good knowledge without tearing a hole in your pocket. Nicholas and Lindsey are one of them!

Their monthly classes are totally affordable at only S$20 per person and workshops are usually at around 2 hours (that’s $10 for an hour!) Other than quality information, you also get to rub shoulders with fellow dance enthusiasts from all walks as they have adopted an open policy towards affiliation. (Definitely no drama!)

Keen to know more before you join? Here’s what their classes are about!

(If you haven’t realised, their latest workshop was on the topic of Hips)


1. What inspired the regularly monthly classes?

We felt that the cost of ballroom dance classes is a very high barrier to entry for many dancers, especially students and fresh grads. Granted, tertiary clubs are heavily subsidised, but the high cost outside and need for affiliation prevents dancers from trying other studios/teachers and doesn’t allow everyone to mingle around.

So we thought of starting the classes to provide an inexpensive option for all dancers to learn and improve together regardless of level or affiliation.

2. What are your inspiration for your monthly topics?

So we try to pick broad topics that would be relevant to all dancers regardless of level or even non-competitive dancers. So for the lower level dancers, it could be something they have never learnt or something they just recently learnt and is a good supplementary lesson. For the more veteran dancers, it is a good reminder/refresher class for them, or if what we teach differs from what they have learnt previously, it provides a fresh alternative approach then they can then compare and analyse and decide for themselves which they prefer. Ultimately, we hope that what we teach would benefit everyone in one way or another.

3. How do you guys feel at the end of each workshop

Personally, a little worried. While we have a rough idea of what we are going to cover, we might end up covering more or less than we previously intended. So there’s always the concern that it might be too little, too much, too easy, too hard, too confusing and etc. But so far we’ve gotten quite a lot of positive feedback, so that’s encouraging!

4. What you want to see from your students

Basically we just want to see everyone improve, regardless of whether they are our students or not. We want to encourage everyone who loves this form of dance to continue pursuing it for as long as they can. That’s why the inspiration behind these tech classes and everything we do is by the idea of “by dancers for dancers”. We, as dancers, understand the challenges and difficulties dancers face, and do what we do for the dancers.


Our take? We’d say, #supportlocal, beyond the quality information and studio rental, you are also helping a budding latin ballroom couple further their craft! So yes! If your schedule coincides, do drop by their classes!

Stay tuned to their monthly sessions via their social media handles at @nicyuedance and @lindseylatin!

Here’s a peek at their September Edition!

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